Mashed Sweet Potatoes

You are going to love the simplicity of this Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe. Infused with a delectable buttery richness, these sweet potatoes are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. 


Sweet Potatoes Heavy Cream Maple Syrup Butter

STOVETOP OPTION Combine sweet potatoes, butter, cream and syrup and cook, covered, over low heat, stirring occasionally, until potatoes are very tender.


Remove from heat, and mash sweet potatoes with a potato masher. Add salt and pepper to taste.

OVEN METHOD  Poke potatoes with a fork. Place on baking sheet and bake until very soft. Cut a slit down the center to let some steam escape.

When cool scoop out the inside, add butter, cream and maple syrup and mash  to desired consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste.


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