Lemon Herb  Roasted Chicken

This Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken bursts with flavors in every bite. To elevate the roasted chicken further, it is served with perfectly roasted potatoes that are cooked right in the same pan, absorbing all the juices and seasoning from the chicken.


Potatoes | Salt | Butter | Garlic Sage | Rosemary | Thyme Lemon Zest | Whole Chicken

Remove chicken from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before baking. Preheat oven to 400℉.


Slice potatoes into 1" rounds and place in a large heavy-bottomed skillet. Sprinkle with seasoned salt. Stir together the butter, garlic, chopped herbs, lemon zest, and salt.

Rub butter mixture under the skin of the chicken and any remaining butter mixture on the outside. Then place chicken on top of potatoes.

Bake for 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours. Let stand for 15 minutes before carving.


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