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Well, guys, she is here!!!  I have been pretty sporadic with this blog the past few weeks and I apologize.  But I took a few days off to welcome baby #8 into the world.  And I am so glad she is finally here!!!

I made it to 39 weeks and 2 days with her and that is a new one for me.  All of my other girls were born in the 36/37th week so I was feeling extremely overdue.  (If you want you can read about my last labor and delivery here.)  It was a good thing she held on a little longer or she would have been very tiny!  She was born Friday, June 9 at 9:37 p.m.  She was 20 inches long and weighed in at 6lbs 15oz.  So nothing too big for a 39 week baby.

This whole pregnancy was different with her and so was my labor and delivery.  You would think that after having 8 babies something would be the same somewhere.  But noooo that would be too predictable and easy.  I guess these little guys like to keep me and my doctor on our toes.

I was having contractions on and off that week.  I would get them at night for a few hours and they would go away by about 3 in the morning.  Friday morning they didn’t so we headed into town.  On the way in my contractions slowed way down so we went into the doctor’s office instead of the hospital.  Nothing had changed from my doctor appointment the day before, I was still dilated at a 4.  So, we decided to stick around town for a little while and do some walking to see if things would get going again.  Nothing.  They pretty much stopped.  UGH!!!

I was upset and even humiliated that I didn’t know when I was in labor or not.  It was another false alarm type of thing I felt like.  We decided to just go home and it wasn’t too long after we got home that the contractions started to come back.  Oh, this is getting ridiculous I thought!!!

I decided to just go lay down for awhile and wait for them to go away.  But they didn’t, they were actually getting closer and stronger but I kept thinking any minute they are going to stop again just like they have all week.  Well, I let they get about 8 minutes apart and I thought we better head into the hospital this has to be real.

We got there, checked into the emergency room and not long after I was seated my water broke.  It gave the security guard quite a startle but it sure made those hospital employees take us a little more seriously and hurry things up!!  After we got settled into a labor and delivery room is wasn’t 15 minutes later that she was born!!

It was a super fast delivery which caused her to swallow a lot of fluid so she had a little bit of a rough start.  She had to have her lungs pumped out and be put on oxygen for awhile.  So, daddy got to spend the first hour with her while they got her going.  They said it was a good thing that my delivery went that fast because she also had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice and they said it was really tight.  So, all things happen for a reason.

We came home on Sunday and the kids have been ooohing and ahhhing over her hourly it seems like.  They are so happy she is here and my oldest ones are very eager to help out.  They have been helping change diapers, putting on lotion and covering her in kisses.  This little girl doesn’t get a moment of peace sometimes, but at least she will know she’s loved! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Welcome Baby #8”

  1. Oh, Malinda, she is so beautiful! What a Gift from God – so thankful she arrived safely! Because of an experience I had, this is always a praise from my heart when these wee little ones come fast or slow, safely!

    • Thank you so much Cordelia!! I hope everything turned out ok with your experience. It can be so scary! Thank you again!

  2. No apologies needed, really, we totally understand.
    You have priorities and we get it, baby comes first.
    Big congrats to you and your family Malinda!!
    What a lil’ cutie-patootie!!💞
    I really like that headband, too cute!
    Just rest (if you can) and enjoy your new addition.
    See you back whenever you get the chance.
    Have a wonderful day!!

    • Thank you so much!! Unfortunately, at this time I am not revealing the names of my children on the internet. I’m sure I will change my mind someday 🙂


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