Welcome Baby #7!

  • Welcome baby #7!  I have been missing in action lately, but for good reason! 🙂

    Our newest addition was born Friday morning at 11:24 am weighing in at 6 pounds 10 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long.

    We were getting ready for my doctor appointment I had that morning when I noticed my braxton hicks kicking in again.  I didn’t give much attention to them because it was nothing new.

    Lauren Lauren1

    However, on the way into my appointment they became a lot stronger and I knew it was time to go straight to the hospital instead.  The baby was breech on and off all through the pregnancy so I was a little worried what position she was going to be in.  At the last appointment she was breech but I was pretty sure she had turned a couple days later.  But then I think she turned back during the night because I woke up one morning with a lot of pressure in my ribs (aka a head was up there).

    Lauren2 Lauren3

    So, immediately my doctor wanted an ultrasound to see where she was and at this point I was dilated to a 6 so they were moving quickly.  And of course with my luck, she was breech.  Oh what a let down!!!!  I was fighting back tears because I didn’t want a cesarean at all!!

    My doctor was determined that it wasn’t going to happen so they prepped me to have her turned.  Now this has to happen in the operating room just in case something goes wrong and they would immediately take her by cesarean.  Things were moving really quick now and people were bustling all around me.

    Lauren4 Lauren5

    I was trying so hard not to be emotional and looking over to see my husbands face is what got me through it.

    My doctor began turning her and I felt her flip and what a relief.  She handled everything very well and they monitored her for a little while before returning me to the regular delivery room.  I didn’t want to do much moving for fear she would turn again.  A couple hours later our little girl was born, beautiful and healthy!  We were so blessed to have such a wonderful medical team willing and wanting to give me and our little one  a chance!

    Lauren6 Lauren7

    My husband went home and brought the kids into the hospital to see their little sister and they fell in love immediately.  There were a lot of ahhhhh’s in the room and the nurses just thought it was so neat to see all those little faces adoring their new little sister.

    Everything has been going well here at home too!  She slept a little longer last night so that helped a lot!!  She was active in the womb at night and she has been the same since she was born.  Mama was running on next to no sleep!  So getting 4 hours of sleep was a blessing!  I took these pictures of her just this morning, 4 days old already!  I love this newborn stage and they grow out of it really quick so I am making sure I get in plenty of snuggles with her before she doesn’t want them anymore! 🙂

    I do realize I didn’t mention her name.  I am not ready to publish the names of my children on the web.  I know, I know overprotective, but for now that is what I feel is best.  I am sure someday down the road I will change my mind.  🙂

    Lauren8 Lauren9 Lauren10

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